April 12, 2009

Review: You Wanna Go To Willard? by Linda Holbrook

Laura is convinced there is something wrong with her. It seems as though everyone in her life is determined to make her miserable. When she graduates from high school, her father tells her she cannot have a job on the family farm, where she has worked for as long as she can remember. This immediately sends Laura into panic mode. Deep down inside of Laura there is a strong, independent woman and she eventually forces herself to make changes in her life. She gets a job, a car, and even her own place. It seems everytime she steering her life in the right direction, she gets T-boned.

This is an amazing story of one woman's determination and the struggles she faces. It is a story of triumph. Anyone who has ever felt like they could not succeed should read this book. I love a good woman "kicking life in the ass" story!

**Stay tuned for an interview & giveaway**

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  1. Sounds like a good book, and I look forward to the interview and giveaway :)