May 17, 2009

I amaze myself

So after much deliberation, the jury has reached a verdict (and by jury, I mean the voices in my head) and it has been decided that today I'm going to talk about New Moon and Robert Pattinson. Two of the most important topics in the world today. First off I would like to say that I am a HUGE Twilight fan and an even bigger Robert Pattinson fan. Don't worry, it's OK, my husband is well aware of this fact. Every time he is watching TV and they show Robert, he yells "Bridget, your man's on TV" and I come running in from wherever I happened to be at that moment. I know what you all are thinking, if Robert met me, I would have to tell him politely that I am a happily married woman and then beat him off with a stick. (I didn't realize how that sounded until I wrote it, but it's funny so it stays.)

So New Moon won't be out until November 20th. I don't think I can wait that long. I'm already going through withdraw!


  1. Hey!! I am also a huge fan Edward... although I think you know that! My daughter bought me a shirt that says...
    "Yes, I am a mother.
    Yes, I read Twilight.
    Yes, I love Edward
    (Please don't tell my husband)"
    Even though, like your hubby... mine does the same thing... "Isnt that your man on tv"
    They are something else!!!
    Love the post!

  2. Poor baby, I know the waiting must be killing you. I just watched the movie last weekend, and I was amazed that I liked it. I just bought the first two books and will start reading later on this week. Have a great week. :)

  3. I cannot wait to see what the new director does with it. Next month I am participating in The Host blog tour and will be having a giveaway of 3 copies of the book if you are interested stop by then!

  4. Love that pic w/ the teeth!

    I'm excited about New Moon too but I hated that book! Any book w/o Edward being in it at least 75% of the time sucks! ;)

  5. Can't wait to see "New Moon," either! I'm a huge Twilight fan and feel totally dejected when I think about how we have to wait until November to see the film... still, when I finished the series last summer, November seemed so far away then, too! :) Hopefully it'll fly by!

    And we have the new "Harry Potter" movie to look forward to in July :)

  6. I just had to comment because your post made me laugh. I'm also a big Twilight and am so excited for New Moon. Of course, this wasn't my favorite of the series, but I still think it was critical to the overall storyline.

    As for the movie, I'm excited to see what the new director does with it. As a Twilight fan, I loved the first a movie-goer, it could have been better. I do have high hopes for movie # 2 though :)