May 5, 2009

Mother's Day is right around the corner

Are you ready? Don't know what to get that special woman who brought you into this world?

I received an extremely helpful email from Candice Frederick at Penguin that may be the answer to your prayers:

Here's the email:


For the Modern Mom:

For the mom on the go who’s clutching a loaded calendar, Amy Tiemann’s Mojo Mom (Gotham Books; On Sale: April 7, 2009; $16.00) is the perfect gift. Chock full of advice on how to balance the career, the husband and the kids, Mojo is the perfect companion for the mom on the run.

Contact: Candice Frederick at

For Any Mother Who’s Ever Had a Friend:

Wall Street Journal writer Jeffrey Zaslow’s heartwarming true story of eleven longtime friends from Ames, Iowa will tug at the heart of any mother whose close confidantes may be far away or down the street. The Girls from Ames (Gotham Books; On Sale: April 21, 2009; $26.00) will remind any mother of her near and dear friends.

Contact: Candice Frederick at

For the Mom With a Wild Side:

Hilarious NPR commentator Lauretta Hannon will have any sharp-tongued mother rolling on the floor laughing after they come in contact with their alter ego in Cracker Queen (Gotham Books; On Sale: April 16, 2009; $24.00). From tales of southern heathens to twisted sisters and anti-southern belles, Hannon’s inspiring and hilarious memoir will put a smile on any mother’s face.

Contact: Candice Frederick at

For the Curious Mom:

Discover the fascinating facts behind your child’s development by reading about their play patterns in Stuart Brown’s latest Play (Avery Books; On Sale: March 5, 2009; $24.95). Covering everything from Legos to playground antics, Play is a truly engaging read that’s sure to bring every mother closer to their child.

Contact: Candice Frederick at

For Mom, the Bookworm:

Engage your little one with the joy of reading by learning the importance of children’s literacy in Pam Allyn’s new book What to Read When (Avery Books; On Sale: April 20, 2009, $16.95). Everything from Dr. Seuss to J.K. Rowling, Allyn prescribes a book for every stage in your child’s development while simultaneously helping you become a better teacher for your child.

Contact: Candice Frederick at

For the Fashion-Forward Mom:

Kick up your style with Kendall Farr’s Style Evolution (Gotham Books, On Sale: April 7, 2009, $22.50), the how-to handbook that shows how to transform your style well beyond your years. Leaving you feeling confident, immortalized and cool, Style is the perfect gift for the style-conscious mom.

Contact: Candice Frederick at

For the Tennis-Loving Mom:

Learn the gripping true story of your favorite champion Monica Seles in her new memoir Getting a Grip (Avery Books; April 21, 2009; $26.00). Go beyond the net to an inside look at the star’s rise to fame at the young age of 16, her horrible stabbing by a crazed fan, a secret eating disorder and how she battled her demons and got back on top. Getting will remind every mother of what truly matters.

Contact: Candice Frederick at

For the Health-Conscious Mom:

Whip your body into shape with Lou Schuler’s The New Rules of Lifting for Women (Avery Books; January 1, 2009; $15.95). The ultimate guide to muscle toning, eating right and staying fit, New Rules will help every mother reach her goal of living a healthier life.

Contact: Candice Frederick at

For the Elegant Mom:

Juice up your etiquette skills in more ways than one with The Real Housewives of New York City star LuAnn de Lesseps’s Class with the Countess (Gotham Books; On Sale: April 16, 2009; $24.00). Everything from the art of seduction to making others comfortable to the simple art of being yourself, Class will teach women everywhere how to become savvier moms.

Contact: Candice Frederick at


  1. some very nice ideas ... thanks.

  2. Oh you are tooo sweet to post up ideas. Me, my mom and daughter are going to the Disney on Ice Saturday morning together... we will do the breakfast thing and go there after. That will be a treat in itself. Then for mil, she loves when her and I go eat out and spend time chatting. Which is cool with me, because I actually love my mil!!
    And for me... I am hoping and praying that I just get breakfast in bed with a clean kitchen!!! lol!!!