June 26, 2009

Children's Book Review: The Adventures of Snip in Oregon

This is a family story and the adventures they have together with their dog Snip. He has a couple face off's with different animals. One of which is a skunk, so you can imagine how that went. Snip helps teach John to drive and even enters some competitions. You can tell right off that Snip is not a pet, he is a member of the family.

I read this story to my nephew, Damien, who will be 2 in October and being a dog lover, I felt confident he would enjoy it. Even at his young age he shares the same passion for books I have. This story teaches about the love that can be shared between a human and an animal. It's a beautiful thing that not everyone has the chance to experience. If you have a child who adores animals, you should pick up this delightful book and read it to them.

I would like to thank the author Betty and Bostick Communications for sending me this book to review.

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