July 10, 2009

Between Me And You

Hello my wonderful blogland friends! I have a great product to tell you about. I actually won a Between Me And You journal and wrote to my hubby in it. For some reason I have trouble talking about my feelings. It seems like I can't put words together when something is important to me. It is much easier for me to write my feelings because then are expressed correctly. It's been this way for as long as I can remember and journaling is what has kept me sane (or close to it, LOL). If you find yourself in a similar situation, where you have so many feelings bottled up that they seem to overlap and you are unable to decipher what you are feeling, I recommend journaling. Even if it's just for yourself. I used to keep a spiral notebook when I didn't have a pretty journal to write in. And you find yourself at a loss for words that will let a special person in your life know how you feel, I would recommend the Between Me And You journal. They have one for all different kinds of relationships. You can check them out here.

The wonderful people over at Sand Dune Publishing LLC are offering my readers a coupon code to save $1 on each journal ordered. You just have to enter the following: beegee


  1. Love it, and all the other journals. What a great idea. I will be ordering a few. Thank you for the review and info on this super way to communicate when spoken words just don't say it all!

  2. These are so wonderful, I'd love to get one for each of my children. Thanks for the review.