July 9, 2009


I have copied and pasted a very important email that I received. If you have a Facebook account, please add this application to help stop animal cruelty. Thank you.

"Vitaliya Bondarenko, a member of this cause and a concerned one at that, sent me this yesterday, July 8th, 2009.

Dear Jacob! I'm a member of your Stop Animal Cruelty Around The World cause. Few minutes ago i viewed this video http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6361872964130308142 but still cannot stop crying. We have to change this world!!!! I do not see a lot of donations to your cause - but I have a plan . I'm from support team of http://apps.facebook.com/photosurfer/?m=99b209dc . This is a new app launched about 3 weeks ago and we need spread the word about it. I gonna donate $10 for every 1000 members who added this app from your cause.The app is adds free. I don't want to bother you.. If you have ideas about that- feel free to add me!

The main point being said here, is that for every 1000 people from this cause, which has well over 80,000 people, add the application, http://apps.facebook.com/photosurfer/?m=99b209dc , Vitaliya will donate $10 to help the animals. If you do the math, if 10,000 people add the app from this cause directly, that's $100 toward a better life for the animals!

PLEASE add this app, http://apps.facebook.com/photosurfer/?m=99b209dc
It will help the animals SO much if you do.. I'm basically begging you here people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAAASE add the application, it'll be worth the money :)

Once again, link is http://apps.facebook.com/photosurfer/?m=99b209dc

Thanks for reading,
Jacob Lentz,
Cause Admin of Stop Animal Cruelty Around The World!"

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