July 6, 2009

Mail Call


No fun stuff. Just bills.


Thank you to Lisa for sending me 2 coupons for free Sun laundry detergent.

Thank you to Jamie for sending me this book.


Thank you Ruth.

Thank you Lisa.


Thank you Shannon.

I received a coupon for a free box of Bagelfuls. Thank you Erica.


I received 5 coupons for free Stoffer's meals thanks to Deb.

Not sure who I got this from but thanks to whoever sent it to me:)

I received eGift Cert. for a pair of glasses from EyeBuyDirect.com. Thank you Emilie.

1 comment:

  1. Bridget, I saw all your wins last week, and even if I was a LITTLE jealous, I WAS even more happy for you because of all the things you give away, you deserve to receive lots of stuff in return.... ENJOY!!