July 13, 2009

Review: The Looking - Cabinet of Curiosities CD

I received this CD in the mail today and was so excited about it that I had to listen to it right away. I was not disappointed. I was reminded me the Barenaked Ladies song The Old Apartment. The music is easy going and clean sounding. I had a calming listening experience. I normally listen to music that matches my mood. Sometimes, that is difficult because I can't always put my finger on what it is that I'm feeling. Does that make sense? This is the CD to listen to when you feel that way. The words have meaning but they aren't overwhelming. I felt at peace listening to this. It's a great album and I hope you will check it out.

If you would like to listen one of the songs on this album, go here and scroll to the bottom. Click the fast forward button until you see Invitation - The Looking.

Thank you to Laurena from Grit PR & Management for sending me this CD to review.