July 21, 2009

Review: Nine Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner

OK, so I'm totally in love. I mean want to shout from a mountain top. And my husband isn't the reason for this feeling, well, not the reason this time:) I finally understand the meaning of those Herbal Essence Shampoo commericals. I loved the smell of Herbal Essence but it didn't work well for me. So allow me to introduce you to the newest love of my life:

Would you like to see the ingredients?


- No chemicals!! This shampoo was especially designed with expectant mom's in mind. I've seen first hand how crazy a pregnant lady can be - I mean this in the best way possible. There is nothing like a mother's love and the majority of mom's I know are constantly battling to do only the very best for their children. If that means dark roots because they've stopped coloring their hair, then so be it. This shampoo is totally safe for you moms-to-be and moms who are breastfeeding. There are no parabens, phthalates, sulfates or DEA. If you're not a mom, I would still recommend this shampoo because it's all natural, hydrates and strengthens your hair. I've hated using chemicals ever since I was old enough to clean anything, including my body. Putting chemicals anywhere near my head just seems nuts. I don't want something harsh seeping through my pores. My brain is my most prized posession (no laughing please, LOL).
- The Shampoo stimulated my scalp. I don't think my head has ever felt so clean. It was all tingly, in a good way. It had a strong peppermint scent.
- The Conditioner was so soft I didn't even want to rinse my hair. Once I did, I could already tell a difference in the strength and texture of my hair. This smelled like Vicks Vapor Rub which I'm not really a fan of its scent but the benefits are well worth a teeny bit of stinkiness. (I bet this would be great when I have a cold. I'll have to remember that...)

I have dry hair and split ends. Also, for some reason, as I've gotten older, my hair has decided to take on a frizzy look. After using Nine Naturals Oh Baby! Shampoo twice, I can see a major difference.

I give these products 3 thumbs up. (It deserves more than the two I have so I'm going to have to borrow one of yours. LOL.)

Thank you to Nicole from Nine Naturals for sending me these products to review.

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