July 15, 2009

Review: Predatoress by Emma Gabor

Emma's life is changed in the blink of an eye. One minute she is asleep in her bed. The next minute someone is sucking her dry. Literally. She knows right away that her life will never be the same. She leaves her home in the middle of the night on a desperate search to fulfill her body's craving for blood. She happens to spot a homeless girl sound asleep and decides to sink her teeth into this poor girl's throat.

Emma decides that she can not live for an eternity alone and decides who she would like to transform her best friend so that they can live together forever. After this Emma isn't quite satisfied with the results and decides to recruit two more friends into this immortal club.

She is constantly battling with herself. Emma has embraced what she is but not with open arms. She is confused and ashamed even though she did not have a say in the path her life has taken. She is an extremely lovable vampire who had me rooting for her even when she wasn't rooting for herself. I can't wait to see what other wonderful stories this author will put out there but I know that I'll be waiting. Somewhat patiently (lol).

If you're a vampire fan, then this is a must read. And guess what? Emma fights Dracula - how's that for inticing the audience?

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  1. this looks like a great read. Thanks for sharing

  2. I love the cover, I do! I know that it would be one I'd so love to want to know more! Your review was great, right to the point in the story!

  3. Sounds like a really great book! I'll have to check it out!