August 6, 2009

Review: The Amateurs by Marcus Sakey

Four friends have devised the perfect plan. Jenn is yearning for adventure, Ian has an eye for the dangerous, Alex just found out his ex-wife is moving far away and taking their daughter, and Mitch is sick of being completely predictable. When Alex finds a couple hundred dollars in his bosses safe, he and his friends joke about taking the money. Then, the joke starts to sound like an incredibly good idea. The guy they're ripping off has a history of being ruthless. Will these four friends find out how ruthless or will these four normal seeming, clean record, upstanding citizens perform the perfect theft?

WOW!! Yeah, all caps, it's like that! This book was amazing. I felt like I was part of the robbery. I highly recommend this book. What are you waiting for? Order it now:)

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Thank you Amanda at Penguin Group for sending me this book to review.

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  1. This sounds really good, once I've finished the books in my TBR pile, this one will be next. Because if I buy a book with my pile as big as it is, I thing The Hubs will have my head!! :-)

    Thanks for a great review (a capital WOW, huh? -- great!!)