August 25, 2009

Review: Ice Land by Betsy Tobin

A revolution is taking place that will surely change the lives of the gods and mortals who live together in Ice Land. Freya sets out on a desperate search for the one item that may help save her and her people. There is a necklace with an immense amount of power that is capable of changing everything.

Fulla has found her soul mate. The problem is, she has been promised to another. And if that wasn't bad enough, the love of her life is part of the enemy clan.

Will Freya's journey prove successful or will the life she's known vanish without a trace? Will Fulla marry the man that has been chosen for her or will she stand up to her family and live happily ever after?

This is one of those books that after you've read the first couple pages, you are so drawn in that the world around you ceases to exist. It's a beautiful, timeless story.

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Thank you to Mary from Plume for sending me this book to review.

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