August 28, 2009

Review: Last Call by JD Seamus

Jimmie Collins is a man in the know. Thanks to his not so legal activities, he has a black book full of connections. He also has good reasons for running with the wrong crowd. His wife has MS and his daughter is mentally disabled. With all of the medicals bills and the cost of living, a legitimate income just won't do.

Jimmie has a secret. He's dying. Jimmie is a family man and wants to make all the necessary arrangements to make sure his wife and child are properly taken care of. When Jimmie's makeshift family of bar patrons and thugs finds out that Jimmie's fortune has been stolen, they set off to find the person responsible and make him pay.

This book is amazing. My heart went out to Jimmie within the first couple of chapters. He's a man who the law would say is a felon but who truly has a big heart and only wants the best for the people he loves. I think you should read this book. Now. Go get it. Hey, I'm talking to you. Go get this book. You got it? OK, that's better. LOL.

If you haven't read JD's guest post, you can do that here.

Stop by the authors website here.

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