September 18, 2009


Are you interested in winning a brand new LG Bliss phone?  I know I am!  All you have to do is upload an image or video of anything that you consider to be ugly and that you want to lose on the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page.  Go to the Gallery of Utterly Ugly and take a look at the ugly things other people have left behind.  You can find everything from Trashy Trends to Mutant machines and even Ugly-mobiles. 

I can think of a ton of things to put up.  I would start with the bright blue sweatpants that my mom gave me.  I've kept them and even worn them occasionally on lazy days when all I do is relax and watch movies.  I have been made fun of so many times.  I supposedly look like a smurf.  You never know when you'll need an extra pair of comfy pants but they are really ugly.  I know of the perfect car that should be listed on there, but it doesn't belong to me.  It has graffiti all over it and the front bumper was made to look like a mouth.  It's really old, really loud and one of the ugliest things I have ever seen.

You can upload any picture you want as long as it does not include any of the following:

*illegal activities

Your photo cannot be a person either. 

You must be 18 years or older to enter.  This contest started 9/11 and will end 11/6.

If your picture or video follow those rules, you will be entered to win the grand prize which is a brand new LG Bliss phone (5 winners).  The second place winner will receive a $50 gift card (50 winners).

What are you waiting for?  Go enter.


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