September 28, 2009

Blog Tour: Bo's Cafe by John Lynch, Bill Thrall and Bruce McNicol

Steven is in distress but he keeps all of feelings pent up inside until one day, he explodes. One day, he can't control himself any longer and he bursts. His wife is mortified and throws him out.

Steven meets someone who soon becomes a friend and a guiding force in his life journey. Thanks to this friend, Andy, Steven has seen the light and learns about a loving and forgiving God.

A story of triumph and healing. A great pick-me-up.

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Book Information:
Bo's Cafe by John Lynch, Bill Thrall and Bruce McNicol
Windblown Media
September 2009
246 pages
$13.99 US

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  1. BJ (is that the right name?) we as co-authors are grateful and humbled that you enjoyed Bo's Cafe. It encourages us to learn that you see Bo's Cafe as a story of "triumph and healing, a great pick-me-up."

    If you think you might like more conversation, even though we know you're busy, you can connect with the conversation of all the regulars every week at our blog.

    Who was your favorite character?

    How do you think the "love of your life" would like Bo's Cafe?

    BJ, if you're even in Scottsdale, stop in at our Bo's Cafe, we'd love to serve you jumbo shrimp, Bruce

  2. Sounds interesting. This time of year, a good pick-me-up type book is just what I need.