September 17, 2009


I can't believe much easier life is with digital cameras.  I absolutely love it that I don't have to worry about purchasing and changing film.  I don't even have to go anywhere to get them developed.  It's great to be able to insert a memory card straight into your printer and access photos.  I'm a teeny bit obsessed with altering photos as well.  I love black and white pictures.  They are so classic looking.  I like adding colors and removing red eyes.  My favorite part about digital cameras is that I can see how the picture looks right after I take it. 

I can't believe how much money I used to waste on pictures that didn't even turn out right.  Red eyes, shadows and chopped heads a constant pain.  I used to go to concerts all the time and then I would drop my film off to get it developed and all the pictures would be fuzzy and one of my friends arms would be the only thing showing.  It was extremely frustrating. 

My family is pretty much all over the US and when they come into town, I like to take family shots.  Now we can make sure that the picture looks the way we want it too before we end up going our separate ways.

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  1. I SO totally agree with you... I can't tell you how much film I wasted before digital. I really love digital photography... having the photos on my computer & on my flash drive (just wish I had a bigger flash drive), then the ability to print out the pictures and put them in my scrapbooks, AND use black & white photos to coordinate in the books... OOOO... I just LOVE it!!!