September 25, 2009

Halloween Contest

Halloween Adventure is having a Jack's Quest contest. Would you like to enter? All you need to do is join Quest and write your own Halloween story.  You can also enter by submitting a photo or a video. 

Every year I end up going to a haunted boat called USS Nightmare. I'm not afraid of spiders, rats, snakes or anything like that. My weakness is clowns.  I have been scared of clowns since I was two years old.  I don't know why I freaked out when my Grandma brought out my birthday cake and big, ugly clown was in the center. Last year, I was walking through this haunted boat and I saw that there was a ball pit similar to the ones kids play in at Chuck-E-Cheese. I stepped into the pit and saw a clown standing in one of the corners.  When I looked the other way I saw two more clowns. Fear shook me to my core. I kept falling and I had trouble standing up. My friends who were with me at the time thought my fear was hilarious.  

After you share your entry on their site, make sure you add the "VOTE FOR ME" button on your blog so your readers can vote for you.

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Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest

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