September 11, 2009

Party Like A Rock, Party Like A Rock Star

I've always wanted to party like a rock star. I've partied in Cincinnati, Ohio (15 minutes from where I live) and had a blast, so I would really like to see what it's like to party Vegas. I still haven't had the chance to visit the Vegas Strip but as soon as an opportunity presents itself, I'm there! If you feel the same way and want to see what you're missing, tune in to truTV's Rehab.

Take a trip backstage and peek into the lives of the security and staff mingle with the guests who aren't afraid to spend, all while keeping an eye out for trouble. This season promises an even hotter performances, more party people and some new staff personnel who better quickly learn the ropes. When another hotel decides to try out their own pool party, Rehab steps up to the plate and proves that is the best place to party like a rock star.

Rehab is the best party because you never know what to expect. Look into the lives of beautiful people competing to prove they are the worlds hardest party goer as well as the people who keep the party bumping!

I'm sure there will be several cat fights and relationship trauma in upcoming episodes. Stay on top of the conflict by tuning in on Tuesdays at 10p/9c.

Enter the sweepstakes here, you may win the chance to party like a rock star at Rehab at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino pool.


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