September 29, 2009

Phone Cards & Calling Cards

I have had to use my share of international calling cards. My husband and I actually attended the same high school, but we had lost touch and one day we just so happened to find each other. Before we were married, he decided to join the Army. He went through basic training and then went on to Airborne school for his training. He ended up being stationed in Germany and I ended up staying here in the US. As you can imagine, the phone calls could get pretty expensive. I'm so glad there are Prepaid Phone Card ! I had to wait for him to call me most of the time because I never knew when he would be free to talk. I purchased a bunch of calling cards and mailed them to him. This saved us a lot of money. A lot of the military spouses that I had met felt the same way I do about International Phone Cards, they are a necessity for our troops. Families missing their soldiers have enough to worry about and they shouldn't be concerned with shortening phone calls in order to save money. I couldn't imagine missing one word spoken by husband during that time. I'm so glad calling cards are available.

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  1. these are great. i can only imagine. my brother is about to go in the army and his wife will definitely love this if she has to be away from him.