September 23, 2009

Phone Info Source

Are you fed up with telemarketers and bill collectors harassing you? It seems like everyday there is at least one unwanted phone call. You can only tell Bob so many times that Tammy no longer has this cell phone number. I hate the telephone. I really do. I love that caller ID was invented and I thought the Do Not Call list was an amazing idea. Companies who have you refer a friend to receive a free item do not have to abide by the Do Not Call list because you were listed as a referral. If you ask me, it's should be considered a telemarketing call because in the end they are trying to sell you something.

Wouldn't you love to be able to do more than just block the annoying callers phone calls? If so, check out Phone Number Source. Find out how you can stop these calls for good by reporting the phone number your irritating caller called from. You are able to report any type of caller whether it's a scam call, fraudulent call, telemarketer, bill collector or a prankster. If you are receiving prank phone calls, this site will allow you to find out who it is that is calling you. This will make the process of blocking this person a lot easier.

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