September 25, 2009

Review: Evenings At The Argentine Club by Julia Amante

Venturing to the US sounded like a perfect plan for the Torres family but instead they were met with a nightmare. Overworked and underpaid, Victor runs a restaurant and hopes to reach financial security. Meanwhile, Jacqueline is spending all of her time with the children, until they become adults and go their own ways.
They are not alone in this struggle to find a life of happiness. Living in an Argentine populated area, they meet people who are dealing with the same life problems and find solace in friendship with the Argentine Club.

This delightful read proves that there is a fine line between family and friends and life is too short to not have any because relationships are what makes life manageable.

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Book Information
Evenings At The Argentine Club by Julia Amante
Grand Central Publishing
September 2009
352 pages $13.99/US

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