September 30, 2009

Review: No Limits by Sara Morgan

I've always wanted to work for myself. It's not that I hate authority, it's just that I don't want to spend all my time making millions of dollars for some company who is paying me minimum wage. (A bit of an exaggeration on my part but it's the truth for some.) I honestly feel like we've become a slave to corporations. I've had this discussion several times with my family and friends and I can't seem to shake my feelings about this. I also can't stand crooked businessmen/businesswomen. I have been known to just walk out of a job with no explanation, no notice, no nothing. I don't feel bad about it either. One job I had, the owner messed with the information on my computer. If anyone found out, it would have looked like I was the person lying about our performance. I'm a bit anal retentive and I take really good notes and I'm highly organized. Thank God this was the case! Otherwise, I never would have known that someone had fudged numbers. He didn't admit it outright at first but I knew in my gut I had to leave and I had to leave at that moment. I don't care if someone offered me a million dollars, you cannot buy my character. I am not for sale. I will live in a cardboard box on the street before I become some unfeeling robot.

Anyway, about this book... When I was given the offer to review this book, there was no question about it. I spend everyday trying to better myself and educate the people around me. I really enjoy reading books that empower you and give you the tools you need to aid you in this life. This is no get rich quick scheme. This book will help you pinpoint your strengths and weakness and give you the skills necessary to be your own boss. I think that this book is a wonderful guide for small business owners but I also think that the benefits provided by this book could be helpful to anyone, anywhere. You can apply much of what you read into your daily life.


Avoid being trapped in a negative avalanche

These days, remaining positive, despite the challenges that pop up in daily life can often be a very difficult thing to do. After all, everywhere you look there is someone spreading bad news. Whether it is the mainstream media, a neighbor, or the man behind the deli counter, it seems that too many people are quick to view life’s glass as half empty.

But, this is precisely the time when remaining optimistic is so critical. Without a proactive effort on your part to remain positive, you could easily be overcome by a negative avalanche, in which you suddenly view everything in your life as negative. This avalanche can start with just a single bad day, but it can end with the loss of a job, a marriage, or worse.

To prevent yourself from being overtaken by a negative avalanche, you need to actively take steps to avoid negative things and create a positive halo around yourself. Start by limiting how much news you view. It is not necessary to inundate yourself with television, print, and online media. It is ok to keep up with the latest, but unless you are in the media business, there is no need to spend more than 30 minutes to an hour a day looking at or reading the news (and this includes online blogs and the evening news program).

The next thing to do is to practice being positive. Set aside time in which you will deliberately act and think positively, no matter what occurs. You can start by just doing this for 30 minutes a day and gradually build your time until you can do it all day long. Before you know it, you will start to see new opportunities arising and you will see the world in an entirely different light. Try it today and see what you think. Instead of being inundated by a negative avalanche, create your own positive avalanche.

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Book Information:
No Limits by Sara Morgan
Custom Solutions, LLC
Sept. 2009
160 pages

This book price has officially been lowered to $12.95 and you can download a PDF version for $7.95. Also, the subtitle has been changed for newer editions to "How you can escape Corporate America to live the self-employed life of your dreams".

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  1. I would hate to work for a huge corporation that only cared about themselves as well. it would be horrible. nice guest post though. i agree that too much news is NOT's highly depressing stuff.