September 4, 2009

Review with Q & A: The Elemental Shaman by Omar W. Rosales

Author, adventurer, and explorer, Omar writes extensively on the topic of Archaeology, Culture, and spiritual phenomena. He is best known for his work Elemental Shaman. Combining adventure travel with spirituality, he searches the world for Spiritual Masters to convey their messages for humanity.

A student of William R. Fowler, Arthur Demarest, and Edward Fischer, Rosales graduated with an Honors degree in Anthropology and Economics from Vanderbilt University in the late 1990s. After college, he served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. His assignments included two overseas tours in Japan.

While in law school at The University of Texas School of Law, he began his spiritual quests, first meeting a Toltec shaman who healed with herbs and plants. The next shaman Rosales met was a Cherokee SpiritWalker who practiced soul retrieval in the deserts of Arizona. Rosales then went on to Santiago Atitlan in Guatemala to meet a Maya A'j R'ij or healer-divination specialist. His last journey was to the Land of the Thunder Dragon, the Himalayan Mountain Kingdom of Bhutan to seek out a Holy Lama, a Manchen Lopon, who practices Vajrayana or Diamond Vehicle Buddhism.

An experienced hiker and expedition leader, Rosales currently lives and writes in Vancouver. Future planned journeys include travel to India, Oceana, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. A member of the American Alpine Club and the Royal Geographical Society, Omar holds a doctorate in Law.

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Q & A:

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
I’ve always loved writing. It’s a great form of Self-​Expression. I could never imagine using someone else’s words. Words let me create, they allow me to hope, to dream. Words are my Paintbrush.?
Who has been your biggest inspiration?
I think my biggest inspiration is my Mom. Having seen her undertake such lofty goals, and complete them, it always inspires me to work harder, longer, smarter, stronger.?
How do you create the characters in your books? Are they based on people you know?
I write Non-​fiction narrative, so the characters in my book are people I meet along the journey. I try very hard to give the reader an unvarnished, but descriptive account of these people and places. If I struggle with something, I’ll write about it. But the characters in the books are real people, the journeys are real.??Writing a book is my attempt at confession, I must challenge the reader with my feelings and sentiments. I must challenge myself to bare everything. It’s a Transparent form of Art.?
What is the one book you think everyone should read?
I think everyone should read the Gospel, the ‘Good News’, the First Four books of the New Testament – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It tells the story of Jesus from 4 different perspectives. The Christ was a revolutionary, a humanist, and a mystical Spiritual being. Until you read the Gospel, you won’t get an accurate portrayal of who Jesus was, and what he went through. Plus, its amazing Spiritual Protection.?
If you weren’t a writer, what be your profession?
I would love to be a Detective. Solving crimes, putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Its interesting work. ?
If you could trade places with anyone in the world, past or present, real or fiction, who would it be and why?
I think it would be amazing to be Tony Robbins. I think he has such a positive impact on the people around him. Or maybe Barak Obama. He has a unique opportunity to set the tone and course for a new Generation of leadership.?
If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have 3 things, what would they be?
Great question. I often think about this one. I would bring a Bible, a Mirror, and my Best Friend. A bible would be literature and symbolize Humankind’s struggle with God. A mirror would remind me of my untrue/true face, this symbolizes Humanity’s struggle with itself. My Best Friend to keep me company and challenge me to become a better person. Human versus God, Human versus her/himself, and Human versus Human. These are the 3 Classical struggles in Literature.?
What is your favorite movie of all time???It’s a tie.
E.T. and Casablanca. E.T. is amazing, because it symbolizes Spielberg’s struggle with the issues he felt during his parent’s divorce. Its essentially Spielberg’s Spiritual Autobiography, dealing with the issues of loss, love, and hope. More importantly, as a work of art, its successful because you feel something. As an audience member, you develop a bond with the character of Elliot and the E.T. You bond with images on a screen, projected in a big air-​conditioned box. That’s amazing.
Casablanca, I think, is the Best movie of all time. Casablanca incorporates so many themes: love, tragedy, hope, despair, war, and ultimately redemption. And it does this within 102 minutes. Wow. ?
What is the one thing that you want all your fans to know???I love my fans. Each and everyone of you is fantastic. Without you, I couldn’t do what I do. So, thank you!
If you could invite 5 people to dinner, who would they be and why?
Interesting question. I would say Jesus, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Modern Woman (the first Female Homo Sapiens), and the Lord Buddha. What a conversation!

My thoughts:

Omar allows you to peek into his life in his book Elemental Shaman. He is a very spiritual person who searching for his place in life. He encounters several obstacles and proves to be a strong soul. Reading his book allows you to understand many things that we will probably never experience in our lifetime, everything from spiritwalkers to secret brotherhoods to Mayan gods.

This is probably one of the deepest books I've ever read. I'm constantly struggling with the, "what are we living for? Why are we here? What is my purpose?" Omar is amazingly talented with words. I must admit, this book blew my mind. When I got to the end, I swear my jaw fell to the floor. I was in an awestruck pose and froze for a good half hour trying to wrap my mind around all of the information I had just processed. If you are a spiritual person, this is a book that will broaden your mind and speak to your soul.

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