September 16, 2009

Video Gamers


My husband was ecstatic when he found out about X-Play. I must admit, I might have enjoyed searching this site just as much as he did (but let's keep that just between us). There were so many great game reviews! I grew up with an Atari, Nintendo, Sega and although I don't play as much as I used to, I still find games that draw me in.

About a year and a half ago my husband went to Game Stop and ended up purchasing a CSI game for our Playstation 2. I played it for two days straight. I hear my girl friends talking all the time about their man being in the zone and playing games all day. I'm guilty of that too. My husband didn't care that I spent all day playing the game, he was just bored because I was hogging the gaming unit.

If you, your spouse, or you kids love video games, G4TV is a great place to find out about the latest games. Make sure you read the reviews and see what people have to say about all the different games that are currently out.

While you're there, you can also play demos of different games, watch some behind-the-scenes happenings, as well as take down some cheat codes. While you're there, play some demos, watch what goes on behind-the-scenes and take down some cheat codes. Don’t forget to watch the trailers and check out the previews.


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