September 11, 2009

Web Hosting

Are you thinking about finding a new website hosting provider? Make sure you check out the Top 10 Web Hosts for 2009 lists. Most of the sites shown on that list provide unlimited space & unlimited traffic for a specific price. Look through an entire directory filled with information concerning your web needs. Keep in mind that different operating systems sometimes require different can play a part in which hosting site will be the most beneficial. You can check out which companies won Best Web Hosting Awards this month.
There are several helpful articles here.

Web hosts are a great way to run your own site without having the technical knowledge needed to run a successful site. The four most important pieces a web host consists of is:

Server Hardware: Allows your site to run all day, everyday.

Web Server: Allows you to type in a web link and access that page's information.

Server Operating System: This is the most crucial piece needed for a site to run. The server is used to start and stop the server. It is also a necessary element that allows your computer to converse with the hardware and install software.

The Hosting Provider: This is the company that providing a smooth working site as well as making sure your site stays up and running. Normally, this type of service includes customer service, so if something goes wrong, you are able to contact someone with the knowledge of how to correct the problem.

All four of these components work together to bring your site to life.

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