October 7, 2009


I can still remember the present my mom gave me the day I was baptized. She had this beautiful white marble looking pin that had a purple stone on it. I can still remember how touched I was when she decided to give it to me. I think picking out baptism gifts now is one of the hardest things to do. The gift I received was perfect. I think that the meaning behind a present means more than the actual present itself. It always takes me a long time to pick out gifts because I want someone to be as touched about the gift I give, as I am when I receive a present.


  1. oh, i know, these type of occasions are the worst too. it's hard enough for birthdays or something but for a baptism or first communion or anything like that...you always want it to be even MORE special.


  2. I never quite realized we were supposed to give baptism gifts. In the end its the photos that I keep.