October 7, 2009

Car Insurance


I decided that it was time to look into Free Auto Insurance Quotes. In the current state of the economy, my family needs tocut back on what we can. I won't give up quality for price though. I believe that everything needs to be balanced, fair
prices for fair service.

I decided to find out what PremiumAutoInsurance.net had to offer. The site was really easy to navigate and I didn't have to fill out a whole lot of information. I looked into how much my monthly auto insurance would cost with Geico. I was told that I could receive coverage for $68.32 a month. When I compare this to the rate Nationwide gave me, $93.48 per month, I was shocked at how much of a difference there was between the two companies.

Geico: $68.32 Monthly or 6 month premium: $390.67

Nationwide: $93.48 Monthly or 6 month premium: $560.89

I even made sure that I was comparing apples to apples. I entered all of the same information and I asked for the same type of coverage. I'm going to have to share this information with all my friends and family. Going with Geico would save me a little over $25 a month, $300 a year!

Are you interested in finding out how much you can save? Go on, you know you want to.


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  1. Great post! There's a super easy to use "Tell & Share" button on the bottom of the website for telling your friends and family.

    Thanks again!