October 8, 2009

Children's Furniture

I love Children's Furniture! I was really happy when my sister told me that I was going to be an aunt. Ever since that day I've paid really close attention to children's items. I'm a huge fan of upholstered rockers and chaises for myself. When I saw that they make some especially for kids, I was ecstatic! They're so cute and so little. I just love it! I never realized how stylish children's furniture had become. They even come in Microfiber fabrics! When I saw that they even have Wingback chairs, I could barely contain myself. I think I'll have to purchase a couple of them for Christmas.

The love seats are absolutely adorable! I almost want to build my own kid sized doll house and furnish it. I would really like to get one of the upholstered headboards for my bedroom. It's just too bad that they don't carry King Size. The only problem I would have would be choosing a fabric. The Red Denim, Purple and Hunter are my favorite. I guess we would probably have to go with the Hunter because I can't see my husband wanting the red or purple. The best part is that they are stain resistant. I'm a total klutz so this is a big deal.

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