October 7, 2009


I love food and I'm not afraid to admit it. Very few things are more satisfying than a good meal. For the most part, I'm a chicken and potatoes kind of girl. Every now and again we'll venture out and Buy Steaks. This normally happens in the summer or spring time because my family is addicted to the grill. We're old school and we love the flavor charcoal gives to food.
We make everything we can on the grill. A couple of my favorite sides are corn and baked potatoes from the grill. It's so good. If you haven't had either, I recommend trying it as soon as possible.

It takes my husband a long time to pick out the perfect USDA prime meat. He won't eat just any meat. It has to be the best. I truly think he spends as much time checking out the meat counter as I do in a book store. Now I'm thinking about what we should have for dinner. Maybe some kobe beef and mashed potatoes. Maybe my husband will be a dear and go by himself to the store. The problem with this is that he's like a kid and he ends up buying everything in sight. Sometimes this works out for the best though. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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  1. hahah I would want to be like your husband...just buy it all! I hope you have a good meal tonight. I LOVE chicken. :)