October 16, 2009

Great Gift Idea

ROKU Digital Video Player is probably one of the best inventions ever. I would say that it's right up there with DVR. Before the DVR, I would have to drop what I was doing if I didn't want to miss my favorite shows. Being able to record shows and watch them at your convenience is a huge plus. If you haven't had the DVR experience, I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to keep up with their favorite shows. Anywho, the ROKU reminds me of the DVR except that it accesses movies from Netflix, as well as Amazon Video On Demand and transfers them to your television. You can even access MLB.TV and watch live games. I'm going to discuss this product with the hubby today and hopefully he will agree that we need it. LOL. I know, most of the time the woman has to convince the man but...

The ROKU costs $99.99 (with a 30-day money back guarantee) and gives you the opportunity to view over 50,000 movies & TV episodes in an instant. It is guaranteed to hook up to your TV and internet easily. It doesn't matter if your internet connection is wired or wireless. Like a DVR, you have control over what and when you watch. In the middle of your favorite show and the phone's ringing off the hook? Just press pause and resume when you're ready. New movies show up at the same time as their DVD release date. There is no subscription necessary. Just $99.99 to enjoy all of the possibilities. *Sigh* Can you tell I really want this?

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