October 8, 2009

Let's Go Shopping!

I've always had an extremely vivid imagination. That's probably why I love to read so much. Lucky for me, just reading or thinking about something can make me feel like it's actually happening. Today, I've decided to pretend I won $500 to spend at Talbots. Here's what I'm buying:

Now it's time for my
red chair confessions. I wouldn't wear all of that together, of course. I normally try to buy complete outfits but I fell in love with the coat, shirt, jeans, purse and shoes. I picked out a long coat because I live in Kentucky and the wintertime can be pretty brutal. Plus, it's gorgeous! The shoes and purse were calling my name. I'm addicted to the croc style. Matching purses and shoes are the cutest accessories. I like for my clothes and accessories to express who I am. Most of the time I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl but every now and then, I want to get all dressed up and go out for a night on the town. Head on over to Talbots and have your own imaginary shopping spree! What would you buy?


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