October 13, 2009

Loving the Outdoors

My husband and I have been discussing moving out into the country. We live in a suburb right now but we both would rather have some fresh air and be away from all the traffic. We also want a huge yard for Reese to run around in. We've been looking at Outdoor furniture because we plan on getting Reese a brother or sister or maybe both. They will need a lot of room to act like crazy puppies and I don't want to miss any of it. Reese is already a bit nutty, so I know bringing another dog in will help her burn off a lot of energy. I am really starting to like the Wicker furniture. I can already picture my husband and I lounging out in the yard watching Reese teach a puppy how to throw her own stick and then run and fetch it. I know she will teach her sibling how to just bring a toy over and drop it on a humans lap if she's in the mood to play with someone. My husband seems to be more interested in Patio furniture though. He loves to grill and I know he would like for us to eat outside and throw pieces of hamburger for the dogs to catch mid air.

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