October 9, 2009

On The Fence

I am a self-proclaimed dog lover. I absolutely adore my furry little friends. One of my favorite things to do is watch them play outside. Two of my babies actually live with my mom because I got them while I was still in school and she wouldn't let me take them with me. It was for the best though because my dad retired and my mom became a stay at home mom once I was born. It would have been cruel to take my dogs from the home they were used to and then coop them up in an apartment all day while I was at work. So I didn't push this issue. Plus, if I had taken them, I probably wouldn't have found and fallen in love with my Reese. Two of my dogs are little angels who don't need to be on a leash. They know where they can go and where they can't. They also listen when you talk to them. My third dog gets a little over-excited and has a tendency to run off. We don't let them out of the house but all pet owners know, they are sneaky little things who want to go everywhere you do. This is why having a fenced in yard is so important. If you live in the area, call the San Diego Fence Company and find out about the Driveway Gates San Diego and the Chain Link Fencing In San Diego.

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  1. that's good at least TWO of the dogs are pretty well-behaved, but I know how dogs are for sure. I have only one but she's a little crazy sometimes if she really wants to get out of the house.