October 20, 2009

Pet Meds

I love dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, purebreds, mutts, I don't care, I love them all! My dogs are not really pets, they are members of my family. My husband was in the Army and he was overseas fighting in Afghanistan. I don't know how I would have made it, if it wasn't for the love of my dogs. They instantly knew when I was having a sad moment and they would come over and start licking me or bringing me a toy. It was so cute how much they care and they know the meaning of unconditional love. I may not have given birth to my dogs, but I have watched them grow and learn just like a mother does with a child. The love I have for them is the main reasons that I make sure they are up-to-date on all vaccinations and I am a firm believer in prevention. Every month my dogs get an application of frontline. In the nine years that I have had dogs, I have never had a problem with fleas. Some other flea prevention brands are Promeris flea control and Advantix. I would much rather spend money on a prevention medicine than have to go out and buy a bug bomb. Plus, I don't want my dogs having to deal with fleas. I had chicken pox and I wouldn't wish that kind of torment on anyone. Itching is not fun.

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