October 2, 2009

Plastic Surgery

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Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery? I can remember being five years old and wishing that my mom would let me have my birthmark removed. It's called a Strawberry Hemangioma which is called a tumor but they are not usually cancerous, they are just a collection of cells that make up tiny blood vessels. This birthmark is right above my right knee cap and when I was young, it was ruby red. I was so embarrassed that I didn't even want to wear shorts. As I got older, it faded to match my skin. If it hadn't I probably would have had it removed because it made me so self-conscience. Now my jelly belly is making me feel that way, maybe I should look into Liposuction.


  1. aw, i'm sure you're fine. i understand how you hate certain things though. it's never fun to have something different or out of place.


  2. I know just how you feel, I have a "port wine stain" on my right upper thigh, which makes people always ask me if I've been burned.
    It was really traumatic as a kid. I did try to have it removed via laser a few years ago, but the cost and pain outweighed the benefits, so I'll live with it.
    I, too, would love to have some lipo, and definitely a boob lift... I wish they were back where they belonged. :-)