October 3, 2009

Review: Custom Photo Calendar from Lifephoto

I received my very own custom photo calendar. I was able to upload the pictures and organize them how I saw fit. A lot of times I go to a website that allows you to create a custom product and I end up so frustrated because it's like the site is speaking a totally different language. Creating this calendar was one of the easiest things I've ever done. I didn't end up with a headache! When I received the calendar in the mail, I was blown away. The pictures were of the highest quality. I am really impressed with this place. Now I need to get a photo planner.

The photo calendars start at just $14.95.

Lifephoto will donate 5 cents for every Earthtru Print you purchase to a featured humanitarian or environmental charity. These eco-friendly pictures are printed on paper that is partially recycled material and they are made without the use of chemicals.

Thank you for sending me a wonderful calendar to review!

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  1. oh how fun. i love personalized gifts for things. that's great it's easy to use. i might have to look into this for the future.


  2. These look great... I love the planner, and I like the idea of the eco-friendly photos.
    Thanks for introducing me to this company.