October 6, 2009

Review: Green by Ted Dekker

Earth reached it's twenty-first century and then was destroyed. When a new Earth comes to be, Elyon is the new Adam. Evil was also put on the Earth, in the Black Forest.

Thomas slept in our world, but woke up in the Black Forest. He soon finds out that his son, Samuel, has sided with evil. How can you fight evil when your foe is your own flesh and blood? But when Samuel decides it's time to begin the last war, Thomas is forced to do what he promised and do whatever he can to save humanity.

You are sure to get sucked in to this gripping, hold on to your seat thriller that never lets up. This book is a prequel to Ted Dekker's "Circle" trilogy (Black, Red and White). Green is the only book I've read so far from this series. I can't believe how wrapped up I was while reading this. I've always been fascinated by end of the world apocalypse stories. Good and evil will meet one day and the world will be a different place entirely because of it. I would recommend this to any book lover.

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Book Information:
Green by Ted Dekker
Thomas Nelson
Sept. 2009
392 pages

I review for Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers

I want to thank Thomas Nelson for sending me this book to review.

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  1. sounds interesting. i've never read anything by this author but a friend of mine really likes him I believe so I should do that some way.


  2. I thought this was fantastic!!..Wait till you read Black, Red and White...

  3. Interesting review, and helpful to know that I wouldn't have to have read the others first. I'll look out for this.