October 1, 2009

Unbelievable Sale! Don't Miss This One!!!

SlimPerfect Swimwear & Activewear has slashed their prices due to overstock and to make room for their 2010 line! SlimPerfect, Inc. was listed as "Best Brands" for swimwear in an article titled "Best Bathing Suit For Any Body (Yes, We Mean Yours)" for "Sizes 12 & Up" and "To Take Inches Off" in the May issue of O Magazine at Oprah.com.

SlimPerfect offers versatile pieces that can be worn for swimming or working out. SlimPerfect offers comfortable slimming features, more coverage and a sleek look to help women gain confidence at the pool or gym! Check out their incredible testimonials here. You can also view many photos of "real" women wearing their SlimPerfect garments in their picture gallery here.

SlimPerfect.com is offering SlimDresses as low as $18.00 and Tankinis as low as $15.00 as well as other styles which are well below their cost! All SlimPerfect.com garments are manufactured in the USA and made with high end Brazilian fabric. Instead of SlimPerfect selling their overstock to apparel companies that purchase overstock, SlimPerfect would like to pass the savings on to you! Be sure to go to their site and check out these amazing deals and let your friends know, because their overstock will go quickly at these prices! Check out just a few of their closeouts below:

Regular Price: $99.90
Closeout Price: $18.00

Regular Price $69.90
Closeout Price $15.00

I cannot wait to see how I look in one of these!! Make sure you stop by my blog on Oct. 15th for my review.

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  1. oh wow this is an amazing deal. i hate wearing bathing suits, so i'd need something like this! thanks for the info.