October 3, 2009

Wedding Dresses

I think one of the best parts about planning a wedding is picking out the perfect dress. When I went shopping for my wedding gown, I knew exactly what dress I wanted. I planned ahead by searching online and I printed off a picture of the dress I wanted and took it with me when it was time to go shopping. I ended up trying on several other dresses as well because I didn't want to make the wrong choice. It turned out that the one in the picture was made especially for me. When I tried it on, I felt like a princess. My husband and I have talked about renewing our vows and as much as I love my original dress, I like the idea of searching through Justina McCaffrey dresses.

1 comment:

  1. A friend of the family is getting married next month and she's definitelyyy got every little detail planned and mapped out. has had a lot of things planned for awhile honestly. i'm kind of afraid whenever i get married b/c i'm not one to shop for clothes and i always hated dress shopping for dances, so it should be interesting...