October 6, 2009


I've always loved yoyos. When I was a kid, they would entertain me for hours. I used to be really good at using one but that's changed now. My husband actually bought a yoyo a few months ago and I told him that it was defective because it wasn't working. He took it out of my hand and started using it. I still have no idea why it wouldn't work for me. Maybe I need some practice.

Every year I try to fill up a stocking for each of my relatives. I'll normally buy some socks, chapstick, pens and put them in there with a few other items that I find. This year, I'm going to add a yo-yo to each person's stocking. My husband and I always try to be a little creative with our gifts and this was actually his idea. He found a great place online where you can get free delivery. I'm addicted to the word free, so I thought this was a fabulous idea. I'm just hoping that I am able to perfect my skills before Christmas. Either that or I will just hope that someone in my family finds them as difficult as I do now.


  1. Brings back memories. My Dad was really good with yoyos.

  2. Oh, you're not the only one. I'm horrible at yo-yos and always have been. I love the idea of filling up stockings for people though...great way to give gifts for less.