November 2, 2009

Biker Kids

When I was growing up, I loved my bike! I would go outside and start riding and I would feel this overwhelming sense of peace. That was my time alone to think about whatever I felt like. I haven't felt that sense of freedom in a long time. You don't realize how important your childhood is until you see a child that you love experiencing those same feelings. It's truly amazing. When I was younger, my mom made my sister and I wear helmets and at the time I thought that she was such a worry wart. I would beg and plead but to no avail. Her rule was, no helmet, no bike. Now that I'm an adult I totally understand that she was just trying to protect us but at the time I thought she just wanted her daughters to be nerds.

Now you can rind really cool Street Bike Helmets that don't scream the word "nerd". The AGV helmets are my favorite. My husband and I wore helmets like this the last time we went four-wheeling. The arai helmets are really nice too. Now, my mom doesn't even have to tell me to put on a helmet when we're out riding around, I do it automatically. Thanks mom for caring more about my safety than being cool.

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