November 18, 2009

Blog Tour: The Magic Warble by Victoria Simcox

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Kristina considers herself to be an outcast at school. She's at the awkward age of twelve and she has no idea how to get her peers to look at her as a human being. When Christmastime comes, Kristina receives the gift of a lifetime. She travels to a magical land that includes fairies, dwarfs and talking animals.

It is Kristina's destiny to save this magical land from an evil queen. In order to do this, she must put the "Magic Warble" in its rightful place. She soon discovers that this will be far from an easy task. Luckily, she makes some friends along the way to help guide her. Will she be able to fulfill her life's purpose?

This is an enchanting book that pushes fantasy to the limit. As a child, I always fell in love with the magical realm and the kid in me couldn't put this book down.

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