November 1, 2009

Clear Skin

Are you currently battling acne? Do the products you use cause side effects like dryness or irritation? Dr. Dermal is a new acne medicine that is dermatologist endorsed. There are no side effects that are caused by a lot of over the counter acne treatments. This product line is only tested on human volunteers, not on animals. You will not find prohibited ingredients in Dr. Dermal products. This holistic skin care line uses which is a molecule from France that contains Olive tree extract, purified plant lignin and osmotic gel that interfere with bacteria growth. Acne can be caused by oiliness, skin shedding, bacteria and inflammation. Since Dr. Dermal is proven to help all four causes, some are calling this the best acne products available. This new acne range will probably be a life saver to some teens and adults that are battling acne. I didn't have acne as a teen but I have noticed that as I've aged, I am prone to acne whenever I get really stressed or if it's that time of the month. I have trouble with acne medication drying out my skin, so this line is next on my list of things to try, especially since it's side effect free. They also provide free shipping on all orders in the United States and United Kingdom.


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