November 21, 2009

Review: Natura World

I have received so many wonderful items to review but I've got to share my absolute favorite! Natura World sent me two different pillows (this worked out so great because my hubby and I would have had to alternate if I hadn't received two.) I have arthritis in my spine and it's really hard for me to get comfortable when I'm laying down. When I first laid my head on the pillow, I swear I started singing Hallelujah and then James (my hubby) yanked it from underneath my head and laid on it himself. He was like "Oh my God! Wow!" and then he was speechless which never happens. Then we looked in the box and saw another pillow. Both of us tested it out and we were giddy like a couple of teenagers.

* Non-removable, Unbleached, 100% cotton percale cover
* Temperature-regulating Natura Wool fill
* Firmer, supportive feel
* Available in cloud or cloud plus with double the fill
* Regulates temperature next to skin for healthy, comfortable sleep
* Wicks away moisture for a fresh, clean, allergen free sleep
* Eliminates damp clammy feeling caused by excess humidity
* Promotes relaxing tension free sleep

We were surprised to find yet another pillow that would be perfect for traveling. Upon closer inspection we discovered that the pillow is also a blanket! You can unfold it and use it to keep your body warm. There's even a foot pocket that keeps your feet warm! I'm in love with this!

* Decorative pillow and cozy comforter in one
* Unbleached, 100% cotton percale cover
* 6 oz / yd2 of NaturaWool™ fill
* Comforter folds into a decorative 15"x15' pillow
* Cozy foot pocket protects feet from cold and drafts

As if that weren't enough, I also received a bottle of the Aromatherapy Spray. This is so heavenly I don't even know where to begin. I knew that Aloe had soothing properties but dang it, I never knew it could force you to sleep peacefully. Every night before we go to bed I spray a little in our bedroom. One tiny squirt is enough. Oh, how I love it!

* Purely water based
* Scented with natural aloe and green tea leaf extracts
* Use on linens, as a room or body spray
* Infuses a sense of well-being and harmony

I have so much respect for this company. When I was looking around on their website, I couldn't help but tear up - in a good way. If you don't already know, my husband was in the Army and he had to go to Afghanistan. (He's home now, thank God!) I think our soldiers are the most under appreciated people in our country. I may not always agree with the war that's going on but I'm always going to stand behind the men and women who are fighting so that I don't have to. Anyway, back to this company and one of the best programs I've seen in a while. NaturaWorld wants to make sure the soldiers of Canada receive at least a little bit of comfort with their Pillows for Troops program.

I have one thing to say. If you live in the US or Canada and you do not enter this giveaway, you are a dill hole. OK, I've said my piece:)

Enter the giveaway here.

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