November 7, 2009

Traveling With Pets

As you all know, I am a proud animal lover. I couldn't imagine taking a trip without my little four-legged companions. That is a very important, non-negotiable part of my travel plans. If Reese can't come, we're not coming. I found out by Oyster hotel reviews that there are several pet friendly hotels for the cities that they cover. This is a terrific thing for people like me who love their pets like their children and couldn't imagine spending a week apart.

I had no idea that the Cooper Square Hotel in New York accepted pets. I have always like the hotel but now it's a must. Cooper even has beds, bowls and offers chef prepared food just for your furry friend! Not only will you be living it up in NYC, your pet will too!

Seriously, if it weren't for hotels that allow pets, I would never leave home. Even when I just go to visit my mom or my sister, I bring Reese along. This works out good because my whole family has dogs so they get a chance to run around and act like animals. I'm really excited about taking Reese on a trip and showing her a good, relaxing vacation with her human pals. What about you? Would you like to find out more about pet friendly hotels?

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  1. There are a few hotel chains that accept pets. We use La Quinta Inn when available as they are pet friendly and do not charge extra for them.