November 6, 2009

Young Ones

I was raised in church and some of my favorite memories are from hanging out with the other youth. We spent every weekend together and we were always doing something fun. We would play miniature golf, go to the movies, bowling and we even took a trip to Gatlinburg, TN. We were a huge group of friends that never felt alone. When it was time to come up with youth group ideas , we always had our say. We had car wash's, bake sales and raised our own money to take trips. We also took toys to orphanages around the holidays. Now that I'm older I realize how important it was to have tight group of friends to spend time with to keep you out of trouble. Even though I've lost touch with most of them, I still think about them all the time and the memories we share, like brainstorming youth group ideas . Those are times that I will always hold close to my heart. I remember looking forward to every weekend like we were going to Disneyland or something. Those days are gone but at least I can reminisce and think about the good ole days. I hope everyone has moments of feeling free to look back on.

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  1. I have fond memories of youth group at church growing up as well. My dad was the youth pastor at that time and we would do rock-a-thons, lock-ins, and even what he called bug-outs. Bug-outs meant that Sunday morning, we met early at the church, picked a direction (N, E, S, W) and he would load us all up in his big van and drive. We'd always find a church somewhere and then he'd find something cool to do as a group. We always had a blast!