December 8, 2009


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you interested in saving money on name brand products and support a charity all at the same time? Bidazzled is an auction that was started to help fund The Ruch Foundation, a lung cancer charity. In order to purchase products through this site, you must purchase bids and then the price increases with each new bid. This also adds a few seconds so that others have a chance to outbid the previous bidder. If you win one of these auctions, chances are that you've saved over 80% off the retail value. Even if you don't win the auction, you will receive up to 50 bonus bids to thank you for participating. Bidazzled has been known to offer to buy back the product you purchased in exchange for cash and bids. The first month, two different people each won a Nintendo Wii and using their 5 free bids.

If you sign up to use Bidazzled before January 15th, make sure you enter the following codes:

* Blog: BBP1202A
* Twitter: BTP1202A

and you will receive 15 free bids. Bids cost $1 each or they can be purchased in bid packs. Purchasing a bid pack allows you to receive bonus bids. They also have a referral program that works like this:

*A refers B. A receives 5 Bonus Bids
*B refers C. A receives 4 Bonus Bids
*C refers D. A receives 3 Bonus Bids
*D refers E. A receives 2 Bonus Bids
*E refers F. A receives 1 Bonus Bid

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  1. it's cool that people come up with so many ways to help others that even "selfish" people can use!