December 22, 2009

Car Hire

When you go on vacation, do you normally rent a car or hire someone to drive you around? Most of the time, we take our own car but we do sometimes consider renting a car. I think being able to hire a driver is an amazing thing, especially for me. If I were to travel outside the country, I would not want to drive myself around. Laws are different and signs are different. I would be way to nervous to get out on the road. I've never been outside of the United States but I would love to see the world. Best Car Hire would be perfect for me! I wouldn't have to worry about looking at a map, getting lost or feel uncomfortable behind the wheel. My husband would probably like to drive but I think that I would feel safer with someone who is more experienced with the area. I was in a car accident that wasn't fatal but it still messed me up. I hate to drive now and I'm always afraid that I will end up in another wreck. Having someone else drive might alleviate those fears and allow me to enjoy time away from home. I really could use a vacation.

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