December 15, 2009


I have to have at least one clock in every room, well except for the bathroom. I'm sometimes a bit scatterbrained and I'll look at the clock and all of a sudden remember what I needed to do. Plus, sometimes it seems like time gets away from me. I'll sit down at the computer and before I know it three hours has passed. Not only are clocks a necessity for me, I also love the way some of them look. I love mantel clocks that have personality. I like different shapes and different objects that go with the other decor in the room. My mom's kitchen is done in apples and she has three different apple clocks, but each of them ads their own little piece of flare to her kitchen. On one of them, 1/3 of the apple is missing and that's where you see the numbers. Another one has key hooks and a mail spot. The other one is just a plain clock with apples on it. I'm addicted to books but I haven't found a clock yet that would go with that theme. I might just have to use my creative juices and create one of my very own.

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  1. i must say, im actually not a clock fan.. time to me, while it's important to me to be on time for things i must do, seems to not be a firned. i hate the feeling of being rushed. i tell time by when im hungry, when the sun is up and when the sun is down. also, my mother used to have this horrid clock that would make the most annoying ticking sound. how i hated that clock. my ears are very sensitice to noise and it drove me crayz!! LOL