December 31, 2009

Review: Organic Cotton

If you ask me, there is a huge difference between cotton and organic cotton. Not only do I think it's softer, I also think that it is more durable. I use cotton balls to clean Reese's ear and the old cotton balls that I was using would come apart and I'd end up having to use six or seven of them in each ear. The Organic Cotton balls that I received from Tropical Traditions were amazing! They didn't try to pull apart and I didn't end up sticking my finger straight through them. This made cleaning her ears a lot easier and faster than normal.

Cotton rounds are great for removing makeup and using toner. Again, I found that the organic cotton was a lot softer and more durable than the old cotton balls I used to use.

I use q-tips after every shower and to spice up my eye makeup. My husband even noticed that the swabs were softer than the ones we normally use.

Disclosure: I received products from this company so that I could write an honest review.

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